About Us

The JetPay Corporation (NASDAQ: JTPY) (formerly Universal Business Payment Solutions' (UBPS) (NASDAQ: UBPS) provides one-stop, end-to-end payroll, payment, and debit and credit card processing services to businesses and their employees. With the recent acquisition of two operating companies, JetPay, a real-time card and ACH processor as well as merchant account provider, and A D Computer, a comprehensive payroll and tax filing service, JetPay Corporation has the technology platform and competitive advantage to accelerate growth and expansion in the payments industry.

We leverage our extensive history and expertise in introducing "convenience" into consumer transactions to the benefit of small businesses, their customers, and their employees. Businesses need a convenient and comprehensive payment solution, from payroll and tax filing to merchant accounts and front- and back-end transaction processing. JetPay Corporation is uniquely positioned to provide an unmatched continuum of service and to achieve rapid growth.

We also leverage our unique technology platform to grow revenues and lower costs for both large and small businesses accepting payments in the virtual world – internet, bill payment, dues, subscriptions and others.



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